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Responsive, Customizable, Beautiful Google Calendar Embeds

Display up-to-date events from your Google Calendars, customize styles, and support desktop and mobile devices, all in just a few clicks.

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Dead Simple Setup

Add a fully customized, mobile-responsive calendar to your website in just a few simple clicks – no coding required.

Connect to Google

Select your Google Calendar account and authorize Styled Calendar to sync your events in one click.

Customize Your Calendar

Use our simple visual editor to add styles to your calendar – no coding required.

Embed into Your Website

Simply copy the embed code and paste it into your website.

Fine-Grained Control

Use over eighty settings to customize your calendar’s colors, typography, language, layout, and more – all without writing a single line of code.

Responsive Design

Support both desktop and mobile devices beautifully. Styled Calendar is optimized for all screen sizes out of the box. All settings can be varied by screen size, allowing mobile views to be customized completely independently from desktop views.

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Developer Friendly

If you’re a developer, you can use your skills to extend Styled Calendar even further. Add custom CSS for limitless flexibility and control.

Support for More Than Sixty Languages and Regions

We give you fine-grained control over all of the text that appears on your calendars. This means that Styled Calendar can be used with almost any language. Quick select from the top 10 languages in the world, or customize your calendar’s text manually to support less common languages.

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Always Up-To-Date

Styled Calendar continually syncs your calendar events. Whenever you make an update in Google Calendar, your end users will see your changes right away.

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Optimized for WordPress

Styled Calendar can be used on any website, but it’s supercharged for WordPress. Our WordPress plugin allows you to manage calendars from your site’s dashboard and embed them using shortcodes.

Check Out Our Brand New WordPress Plugin

Compatible with Any Website

No matter what platform your site is built with, we’re here to help. Use an HTML snippet to embed your calendar anywhere.

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Embed Beautiful Calendars for Free

By leveraging more than sixty free preferences, the vast majority of our users design and embed their calendars at no cost. These features are completely free – forever.

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